18. Anna’s Garden

Anna’s Garden

Anna's Garden

My husband Bill and I, Anna, both come from farming and vegetable gardening background, so working with the earth was not new to us when we purchased our home and property in Neustadt. There was nothing on our huge lot but weeds, an old farm fence, and some old flowers that were trying to survive. We started with a vegetable garden, planted some fruit trees, shrubs and rescued 2 old roses a lilac bush and yucca plants.

Anna's Garden

We both had a vision how we wanted our garden to look, but as with most true gardeners, plants get moved around. We built a greenhouse and started many of our own plants. At first we had hundred’s of annuals, but as our perennials matured and we added to our collection, the annuals decreased. Over the years we have collected many perennials, and to our collection we added hostas, of which today we now have over 700 varieties. We have grown some interesting hostas from seed ourselves and are proud to show them off to visitors.

Blooming cacti.

Blooming cacti.

Both my husband and I have used compost to build up the clay soil on our property; where years ago we could hardly dig into the soil, we now have excellent garden soil. My passion for gardening was mostly flowers; this I got from my mother. Our hosta craze came from my sister who now has over 1400 varieties and a business of her own. But hostas are not our only interest – we have many perennials and a cactus garden that is so beautiful when it is in bloom.

Bill's birdhouses.

Bill’s birdhouses.

We have a south exposure that can get very hot during the summer, so Bill decided we had to make a permanent structure for the shade. Since we have run out of room to build large structures, my Bill makes unusual bird houses. Most of my plants are mature and need to be divided, so we now we offer many plants for sale during the summer.

Plants are out for sale from June to September long weekend usually Friday and Saturday and often some days through the week.

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