10. Carpe Diem Gardens

Carpe Diem Gardens

Carpe Diem Gardens
When you visit our garden try to imagine that there wasn’t a single flower bed here when we moved 20 years ago. There was no great plan; just every year a shovel went in and a new bed was added or attached to an existing one.

Recently I have planted the bush area and made a pond garden with rocks from the farm.

Carpe Diem Gardens
All of our gardens are perennial and depend totally on nature and three rain barrels for moisture. The garden includes interesting fence types, twig garden structures, ready picked or pick your own flowers and a Shop. In addition I make wedding and party arrangements and bouquets from the garden.

Carpe Diem Gardens
We are situated in the picturesque Beaver Valley, part of thousands of acres of apple orchards. Our farm was 80 acres of mostly scrubland. Now it has producing trees; Spys, Macs, Jonagold, Empires, Paulareds and Jersey Macs.

When you visit, bring a picnic to enjoy in our gardens! Our beautiful garden has many lovely sites for wedding photos and we do floral arrangements for weddings as well.

Other features and items from our gift shop include:

Cut your own flowers
Ready picked bouquets
Dried flowers
Garden gifts
Painted floor cloths (custom colors)
Hanging grapevine baskets
Fresh & dried herbs

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