19. Yesterdays Garden

Yesterdays Garden

Yesterdays Garden
We invite you to slow down, step back, and enjoy ‘Yesterdays Garden’. Our cottage style gardens are nestled into the mature trees and landscape of this once horse and sheep farm. We have used the ‘old bones’ of this property to develop our new planting of hard-to-find, unusual plants amidst many old time favourites. Wander the paths and discover something special around each corner. Sit in our rustic vine covered shade room or enjoy the summer sun in a garden chair.

Our passion has been to introduce great trees, shrubs, ornamental grasses and perennials. Trees like the rare dwarf variegated Fagus sylvatica ‘Nicole’, Carpinus betula ‘Follis Argentea Pendula’, Quercus robur ‘Furst Schwarzenburg’, Fagus grandifolia ‘Diamond Bark’ & the dwarf teardrop Zelkova serrata ‘Goblin’. This year we are introducing the rare Weeping Siberian Elm, Ulmus pumila ‘Pendula’. We have never seen this for sale before.

Dry stream and unique conifers.

Some of our favourite shrubs include cultivars like Betula pendula ‘Trost’s Dwarf’, Deutzia gracilis ‘Creme Fraiche’, Ginkgo ‘Mighty Munchkin’,  Calycanthus ‘Venus’, Fothergilla ‘Blue Shadows’ & Spirea ‘Golden Glitter’.

Drought resistant plants.

We continue to discover the diversity of conifers and can envision more changes as we work in these great specimens to enhance our year round look. Our most recently acquired collection of conifers include Abies concolor ‘Ostrov Nad Ohri’ , Pinus contorta ‘Chief Joseph’, Picea orientalis ‘Firefly’, Pinus uncinata ‘Camberg Miniature’ the captivating weeping douglas fir ‘Graceful Grace’ & Pinus mugo ‘Carsten’s Wintergold’.

The 4 season garden with year round appeal has become our goal. Structure, shape, foliage, texture and bloom time are all considered as we continue to grow in our knowledge of horticulture.

Autumn brings the final show of colour with the fabulous foliage of viburnums, oakleaf hydrangeas, Metasequoias, Oxydendrulms and ornamental grasses which are at their best with rich golds and deep maroons gracing the landscape. We plant masses of bulbs each fall, looking ahead to the spring fling of colour.

We offer many of these hard to find plants for sale in our ‘Garden Centre’. Yesterdays ‘Garden Shop’ has an array of garden decor to purchase for your gardens. We also offer a landscaping & construction service. www.yesterdaysgarden.ca

All in all, we aim to offer our gardens for your touring pleasure and the opportunity for you to purchase new and unusual plant specimens for your garden.

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