3. Bird’s Nest Garden Farm

Bird’s Nest Garden Farm

The Bruce Peninsula is a chunk of rock, rough around the edges encrusting a beautiful “natu-rural” heart within. The Bird’s Nest Garden Farm follows that same heartbeat with our green thumb on its pulse. Our other green appendages:

  • Veggies, herbs, and ornamentals: (some for sale) grow to uncertified but usually “beyond-organic” standards
  • Happy heritage chickens strut out to pasture at sunrise and climb into their “Chicken-Limo” at sundown
  • “Lambmowers” capture carbon and co-grow topsoil
  • Four of Ontario’s oldest living roofs cover buildings and create cover for bugs and birds
  • A round, off-grid house made of local materials (straw, wood, clay, etc.) provides a platform for plants and people
  • A wild array of Niagara Escarpment field and forest trails onsite and nearby beckon lazy and extreme hikers

We can customize up-close ecological experiences to meet your interest level. Can gardening and farming be regenerative? Yes!

If you’re looking to buy a zillion different plants, or just take a selfie and do a 15-minute stopover, this is not the best place for you. But if you want to dig deeper, and let nature tango with you a little more intriguingly—give us a call; we’ll explore together.

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